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Tmall Double 11 Shopping Festival: E-commerce promotion strategy of beauty brands

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Alibaba, marking its 11th single’s day, is embarking on new attempts such as extending event period and diversifying contents. Brands are also diversifying their contact points and enjoying synergies with changing event formats.


Double 11 (光棍节) 2019 Event schedule

  • Single’s day is one of the biggest discount events together with 618 promotion, and it lasts for the whole month. Some brands started its promotions as early as September. The following table shows major events for this year’s single’s day.



3 points for Double 11: Product, Customers, Contents

  • During this period, Tmall will dedicate a certain space on its website such as “Black box” or “Single’s day Best Items” that introduces new products. Brands take advantage of this opportunity to launch limited editions or new product launches.
  • Conventional e-commerce platforms such as Taobao/Tmall are already at its maximum capacity in terms of the number of customers. Brands are now focusing more on strengthening loyalty from existing users, with respective loyalty programs. They create private traffic by providing discount coupons and differenciated services for registered customers.
  • To strengthen customer loyalty brands want maximum exposure of their own contents. Taobao store provides Weitao(微淘,virtual space that enables customers to share product information with the brand), Hudongba(互动吧, space for customer interaction), and Live Videos(直播), so customers can stay inside Alibaba’s platform.

Double 11 promotion of major players


  • Top 5 brands in terms of revenue size for the past 12 months(Sep. 2018-Aug. 2019), which are L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Perfect Diary, SK-II, are having these events as shown below.



  • The brands above are holding their events with 5 things in common.
  1. Encouraged putting merchandises in the ‘carts’ starting as early as September
  2. Customer intimacy is measured according to the level of activity within Weitao(customers’ brand community). Brands provided more benefits to customers as the intimacy was strengthened. Ex) Lancome picked one person per month since October and gave the person’s wish items in his/her cart for free
  3. Exposed their event information on Weitao more than they would on Weibo or Weisin. This way all of their promotion marketing would stay inside the Alibaba ecosystem.
  4. Launched products sold under ‘limited time event’
  5. Opened online test system on Taobao, letting customers try on lipstick colors for simulation

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Figure2. Brand intimacy level on Taobao | Source: Taobao application

  • One can observe single’s day trends on MeasureChina from 43th-46th week(10.21-11.17). We expect the revenue size to increase from 43th week and hit its peak on the 46th week.

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